The Symphonic platform provides ready-made, evidence-based tools designed to help employees thrive as they navigate critical situations and scenarios.
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24/7 Access

Available when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile Ready

No matter your preference, our platform works on any device.

How-to Guides

How-to guides you can read or watch that offer step-by-step instructions on how to navigate critical moments.

Implementation Support

Get support from an expert whenever you have a question or need a little guidance.

Real-life scenarios

What you can do when you face common workplace challenges.

Our content is organized around real-life scenarios employees encounter daily. From confusion in new roles to handling rapid organizational changes, our ready-made tools and templates provide practical solutions.

Discover how Symphonic Strategies empowers you to navigate obstacles, enhance productivity, and achieve success in any work environment.

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Unclear Direction

What do you do when leadership's direction is unclear? Many employees feel stuck without clear guidance or objectives.
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New Role Confusion

What do you do when you're starting a new role and feeling lost? Many struggle with unclear responsibilities and goals.
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Project Overwhelm

What do you do when you're overwhelmed by a new project? It can be difficult to organize tasks and decide where to start.
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Resource Scarcity

What do you do when resources are scarce? Limited tools and support can make it hard to achieve your goals.
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Stress Burnout

What do you do when you're feeling burned out and stressed? Balancing work demands with personal well-being can be challenging.
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Disconnected Team

What do you do when your team feels disconnected? Lack of cohesion can hinder collaboration and productivity.
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The tools we're developing

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Self-Directed Learning Modules

Access curated resources and structured plans to fill knowledge gaps and enhance your skills independently. This empowers you to take charge of your professional development and stay competitive.
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Clear Role Definition and Goal Setting Templates

Navigate your new role with confidence by defining your responsibilities and setting clear, achievable goals. These templates help you align your efforts with organizational objectives, reducing confusion and enhancing productivity.
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Internal Networking and Communication Guides

Build strong internal networks and improve your communication skills with practical guides. These tools help you integrate smoothly into new environments and foster collaboration.
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Productivity and Organization Tools

Manage your tasks effectively, even in chaotic settings, with our productivity tools and personal organization strategies. Stay focused and maintain high levels of productivity.
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Feedback and Adaptation Frameworks

Our frameworks help you seek and utilize feedback effectively to align your work with organizational expectations. This proactive approach to improvement enhances your performance and contributes to a culture of excellence.
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Stress Management and Wellbeing Practices

Maintain a healthy work-life balance with stress management techniques and wellbeing practices. These tools help reduce burnout and enhance job satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly am I buying with a Symphonic Strategy? What am I getting?

When you invest in a Symphonic Strategy, you are purchasing a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to empower you to thrive in any work environment, no matter how challenging. 

Here's what you get:

  • Practical Tools and Templates: For role definition, goal setting, self-directed learning, internal networking, and communication.
  • Productivity and Organization Tools: Strategies for effective task management and feedback utilization.
  • Stress Management and Wellbeing Practices: Techniques to maintain work-life balance and manage stress.
  • Evidence-Based Approaches: Insights from behavioral and social sciences embedded in implementation science.

These resources empower you to thrive in any work environment, enhance personal and organizational performance, reduce turnover costs, and improve workplace culture.

How does Symphonic Strategies approach the challenge of helping individual employees try to perform successfully in less-than-ideal environments or with less-than-ideal co-workers?

At Symphonic Strategies, we define a symphonic strategy as one that aligns individual, autonomous parts to complement and enhance each other, much like how each instrument in an orchestra contributes to the full symphony's success. This concept is central to our approach, especially in the context of helping individual employees thrive in challenging environments.

We accomplish this by focusing on empowering each employee with the tools and strategies they need to succeed independently, so they are better equipped to perform with others around them. Our practical templates and evidence-based practices help employees navigate their roles effectively, even in less-than-ideal environments. By enhancing their skills in areas such as communication, productivity, stress management, and self-directed learning, we enable them to perform at their best.

Even when co-workers or the organizational environment are not ideal, a well-equipped employee can maintain their productivity and contribute positively to the workplace. Over time, their improved performance and proactive approach can influence their peers and create a ripple effect, fostering a more collaborative and supportive work environment.

Our approach also encourages employees to build internal networks and seek feedback, promoting a culture of continuous improvement. This aligns with the symphonic strategy of positioning individual efforts to complement one another. By empowering individuals, we contribute to the overall health and performance of the organization.

Why the musical metaphor?

The musical metaphor in our name, Symphonic Strategies, is indeed purposeful and evocative, and symbolizes our approach to addressing the complexities and challenges within organizations. Just as a symphony brings together various instruments playing different notes to create harmonious music, we aim to harmonize the diverse elements within an organization.

Discordant notes in music represent the issues and dysfunctions that can arise in any workplace, like miscommunication, conflicting goals, and inefficiencies. Our strategies are designed to address these discordant notes, bringing them into alignment and creating a more cohesive and productive organizational environment. We help employees and organizations work in concert, much like a well-tuned orchestra, to achieve greater success and harmony.

How do you ensure that your templates are relevant to my sector, industry, or workplace?

Our templates are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, making them applicable across various sectors, industries, and workplaces. To ensure relevance, we leverage insights from behavioral and social science research, integrating best practices from implementation science. This evidence-based approach allows us to tailor our strategies to address common challenges faced by employees in different contexts.

Additionally, we continuously gather feedback from users across diverse industries to refine and update our templates. This iterative process ensures that our tools remain current and effective. We also offer customization options, allowing employees to adjust the templates to fit the specific needs and nuances of their particular sector or workplace. By combining rigorous research with practical adaptability, we provide solutions that are both universally applicable and highly relevant to individual circumstances.

How does this solution benefit the employer and ultimately improve their culture?

Our solution benefits employers by fostering a more skilled, motivated, and resilient workforce. When employees are equipped with the tools and strategies to navigate challenges independently, they can maintain higher levels of productivity and engagement. This proactive approach reduces turnover rates and associated costs, such as recruitment and training expenses.

Moreover, as employees become more adept at managing their roles and stress, the overall work environment improves. This positive change can inspire a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. By demonstrating that employees are taking initiative and actively contributing to organizational goals, employers may be encouraged to enhance their support systems and create a more supportive and positive workplace culture. Ultimately, the enhanced performance and morale of employees can lead to better business outcomes and a stronger, more cohesive organizational culture.

See what our clients have to say!

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Step up your game with this training!

They are incredible to work with from both a communication and a creative standpoint.

Sara Willson

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Concise and practical content!

I would recommend this training to others. It is a valuable opportunity to grow as an employer and improve our workplace culture.

Andrew Jackson

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Simple to understand!

I learned a lot and now feel ready to implement these techniques into my organization. I would recommend it to other organizations. 

John Larson

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Very Professional!

It was an excellent training program, and I am very pleased. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and the content was relevant to our industry.

Jena Karlis