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Professional strategies for any situation.

Scenario-based tools when you need them

Workplaces today can be challenging, but we're here to help. Symphonic Strategies is developing practical, scenario-based tools to help employees navigate and thrive, no matter where they work. We’re currently in beta and inviting select companies to join us on this exciting journey.
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The problem

It feels like there's no time to be strategic. The constant grind of daily tasks that seem to never end often leave little room to focus on the things that really matter. That's why 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategy, and why only 5% of employees even know their organization's strategy. 

Our solution

Our tools give you an easier, simpler, and faster way to handle the daily distractions that get in the way of executing your strategy.

Symphonic Strategies is a digital playbook with ready-made recipes, how-to guides, courses, and coaching designed to help you develop the skills and competencies to flourish at work.
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Fostering initiative

Strategies every employee can use

Our tools help individuals respond effectively in a wide variety of situations and scenarios that might be new and or difficult for them. We empower them to take the initiative, and in the process, we help them to thrive. When initiative gets results, it's often a powerful and contagious mixture.

Why now

Employees are confronted with new and complex situations on a daily basis.

For more than 20 years, Symphonic Strategies has been in the business of training, coaching, and advising thousands of leaders in hundreds of organizations in the public and private sectors. We've never witnessed such massive transformations in how we work and how we engage with each other. We're intentionally choosing to target our focus on helping people thrive in the midst of continuous changes and the rapid transitions they bring.
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