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Training, Learning & development Services

For clients who are looking for more intensive opportunities to learn from the experts on our team, we offer a variety of training programs covering a wide range of topics. We offer courses, seminars, and workshops relating to practical mission-oriented business issues, such as customer service, conflict resolution, project management, interpersonal relations, managing inter-agency and multi-sector partnerships, and more.

Our seminars and courses cover a wide range of skills, competencies, and behaviors that cover various facets of management and leadership, including those on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ’s) List.

Professional Standards and Expectations
A course that introduces participants to the core competencies that define what it means to be a professional in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. The course blends online and offline learning modules that address the following:

  1. Social and emotional intelligence
  2. Dealing with difficult people and situations
  3. Conflict management and resolution
  4. Mental health and well-being
  5. Critical thinking and decision making
  6. Communicating effectively
  7. Proactive problem solving
  8. Managing your personal brand/reputation
How to Thrive in Complex Environments
This is a course that introduces participants to the mindset and behaviors of those who have learned how to thrive in complex situations and environments. It will help you understand how change disrupts our lives and give you skills to anticipate and to deal with rapidly changing environments better.
How to Lead Change and Manage Transitions
This course is ideal for those individuals who want to be more effective leaders in times of continuous change and rapid transition. The course blends online and offline learning modules that address the six responsibilities that define the symphonic leader.
How to Influence Your Future
This course introduces participants to the difference between hindsight, insight, and foresight. The course will help you begin to prepare yourself for the potential trends and scenarios that are likely to shape your future.
Partnership, Collaboration & Collective Action

Training focused on the art and science of various forms of collective action.

How to Mobilize Others
This course introduces participants to the prerequisites for action and the mechanics of mobilization, highlighting the importance of attention, imagination, values, desire, and intent.
How to Foster Collaboration
This course introduces participants to the process behind collaboration, exploring seven moments or phases in the path toward effective collaboration: confusion, contention, conversation, connection, cooperation, collaboration, and finally creation.

We’ve designed, developed, and delivered tailored training programs for:

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Defense Information Systems Agency
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency


Developing Teams & Organizations

Training focused on teams, groups, and organizations.

Emotional Bunkers
Emotional Bunkers: Why We Can’t Get Along

This course introduces participants to the common landmines that contribute to sending people into emotional bunkers and the challenges of pulling us out of those bunkers. The course highlights 7 landmines that are likely to trigger resistance and withdrawal—from history to culture.

Improving the Performance of Others
Getting Better Together: How to help others improve their performance

This course introduces participants to a framework designed to identify the most effective performance intervention tools in group settings. The course explores gaps in knowledge, skills, motivation, and effort and the links between each of them.

How to Think Strategically
Road Mapping: A framework for thinking strategically

This course introduces participants to a comprehensive framework that defines what it means to think strategically. Using the metaphor of a road trip, the course helps you identify the elements that will shape the quality of your journey—from the fuel and vehicles you select to the drivers and passengers that occupy them. The course helps you anticipate the “road blocks” and the “hazards” that are likely to appear once you start moving—from the landmarks and detours along the way.

Designing Performance
Why We Act: Designing Performance

This course introduces participants to the design principles that influence individual and group behavior. Using insights from social science, the course highlights the importance of context, identity, interaction, loyalty, and achievement on collective performances.

Looking for a Customized Training Program?

Whether it’s a half-day seminar or a year-long program, we have the experience to help you meet your training needs.

Core Services

Strategic Planning

End-to-end strategic planning, one-off strategy sessions, ecosystem mapping, road mapping, and design labs.

People & Culture

Gap analysis, reorganizations, communications, defining objectives and goals. Development and Training. Wellness in workplace, DEI tools, employee relations.

Leadership Training
& Facilitation

Develop the skill set and mindset to lead high-performing teams. Instructional design, interactive workshops and informational briefings on a variety of leadership and management topics.

Change Management

Help organizations to implement strategies. Provide them with processes and tools to manage change and transition. Framework designs, interviews, focus groups, surveys, benchmarks and gap analysis tools.

Executive Coaching

Group coaching, one-on-one coaching, assessments, professional development, and peer learning.


Facilitators, presenters, and keynote speakers for conferences,
meetings, and retreats.