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Coaching and Professional Development Services

Retained Coaching Services

If you find yourself in need of someone who can help you think through a problem or a specific situation, you might prefer our retained coaching model. Instead of hiring us to complete a project with a specific deliverable, a coaching retainer is focused on getting you advice and expertise when you need it. For a fixed fee, you get a dedicated thought partner with the expertise necessary to help guide you through even the most complex situations.


What type of coaching do you provide?

Our coaching model is focused on helping clients enhance their impact in the spaces and on the issues they care most about. The coaching relationship centers around designing and refining strategies intended to “move the dial” at the individual, group, and system levels.

Who does most of your coaching?

We have a small team of coaches who bring years of experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors. We believe in the power of diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments and our coaches live those values. We work hard to pair you with a coach that brings both the experience and the touch that will foster a positive and healthy relationship between the two of you.

How does a coaching relationship work?

Most of our coaching relationships are built around a structured model. That means you and your coach will meet to discuss your goals and objectives, agree upon a reasonable timeline to accomplish them, and then determine how best to structure your relationship. Most relationships span multiple months and are comprised of monthly or bi-weekly sessions. While some clients opt for longer sessions that occur less frequently, most sessions last 45 minutes to one hour and occur once or twice a month.

What are the benefits of coaching?


There are many benefits to setting up a coaching retainer.
  • When something comes up, you get to skip the line. Your coach has already reserved time for you, on a recurring schedule that is convenient for both of you.
  • You can test ideas and strategies in a safe space. Your coach will help you anticipate the possible results of various choices, decisions, and actions.
  • You can be self-interested. You have someone who is focused exclusively on you and on your goals and objectives.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You have access to the knowledge, expertise, and insight of someone who has worked with thousands of leaders in a wide variety of industries and sectors.
How much does coaching cost?

Most coaching relationships are based on a retainer. This is an agreement for a fixed number of hours (i.e., coaching sessions) over a defined period of time. For example, some clients prefer to pay in advance for 25 hours of coaching that are spread out over a six-month period of time. While each situation is unique, we advise our clients to be realistic about the time and consistency needed to truly make progress against your goals. We prefer retainer agreements that are at a minimum of six months in duration with the option of extending that time if both parties agree to do so. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to discuss our fees with you.

Core Services

Strategic Planning

End-to-end strategic planning, one-off strategy sessions, ecosystem mapping, road mapping, and design labs.

People & Culture

Gap analysis, reorganizations, communications, defining objectives and goals. Development and Training. Wellness in workplace, DEI tools, employee relations.

Leadership Training
& Facilitation

Develop the skill set and mindset to lead high-performing teams. Instructional design, interactive workshops and informational briefings on a variety of leadership and management topics.

Change Management

Help organizations to implement strategies. Provide them with processes and tools to manage change and transition. Framework designs, interviews, focus groups, surveys, benchmarks and gap analysis tools.

Executive Coaching

Group coaching, one-on-one coaching, assessments, professional development, and peer learning.


Facilitators, presenters, and keynote speakers for conferences,
meetings, and retreats.